OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe call ourselves a Mountaineering Club and our regular club trips always include visits to the mountains of Snowdonia, Cumbria and Scotland where we enjoy the commitment and isolation that bigger hills demand. Our New Year trip is traditionally in Scotland and often we organise Winter Skills training for the novice mountaineer.

In the UK it is hard to say when hill walking, scrambling and easy climbing stops and mountaineering begins, except perhaps for the winter season in Scotland and the Cuillin Ridge. So over the years many Rockhoppers have organised informal additional trips to the Alps using skills learned in the UK to become fully fledged Alpinists.

Ski-mountaineering is also a popular pursuit within the club membership. Rockhopper mountaineering expeditions have reached the further ranges too and in recent years we have had a first ascent in China, numerous independent journeys to the Himalayas  Russia and Kyrgyzstan often tackling 6000+m peaks plus a series of long, cross country adventures in Iceland and Greenland.

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