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27 Jul 2018 to 29 Jul 2018

I have it on good authority that Dartmoor is the haunt of pixies, a headless horseman, a mysterious pack of "spectral hounds", and a large black dog, and during the Great Thunderstorm of 1638, it was visited by the Devil. For this reason we will be camping at Princetown, whose own motley inhabitants are securely locked up, whilst we can enjoy the facilities of the Plume of Feathers Pub

In fact we are staying in the pub garden! They even do breakfast if you are organised enough to ask for it when you arrive, which should be before the pub shuts on Friday, it being (hopefully) a fairly quick nip down the motorway after work… (relatively of course)

Although Dartmoor is often passed over by those rushing to the granite of the Cornish sea cliffs, there’s some granite here too:

Also some great walking – especially if you are into stones: check out the stone circles or the lost bits of London Bridge

It is also the only place where local common law allows you to wild camp in an English National Park (see the National Park interactive wild camping map Please respect the byelaws.

In fact I will already be doing just this with a few other hoppers, and if you want to join us on Saturday night let me know when you sign up and I’ll provide details for meeting up: we will be some where round Evil Combe or Dead Man’s Bottom! But make sure you sort out your return lifts with your drivers or you may be there longer than you planned… and I haven’t even mentioned the Beast yet: its probably just a big pussy cat… but who knows, when the pixies are about.

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