Welcome to a new take on gear shopping - club merchandise!

We’ve designed some lovely Hoodies and T Shirts for you and partnered with a specialist on-line printer to bring you our very own shop from which you can purchase at your leisure.

We have 3 basic designs, which can be printed on your garment of choice - but because of the nature of websites and the way the shop works this translates into 24 unique products so please read on before rushing in to buy.

Club Logo T Shirt

Women's T with club logo on the front.

First off you can simply have the club logo printed either on the front or back of your Men’s or Women’s, Hoodie, Premium or Standard T (that’s 12 possible combinations so 12 products already)

Men's 60th Anniversary 'Climber' T Shirt

Men's T Shirt with 60th 'Climber' front & logo back

Then we have two designs celebrating our 60th anniversary, one for the walkers & mountaineers and one for the rock climbers. These are printed on the front with the club logo on the back. (another 12 possible combinations / products) Note a few folk have asked why not logo on the front and design on the back – no reason really this is just how we started so if enough of you ask for the opposite we will set up another 12 products with the 60th designs on the back and the logo on the front. Email the secretary.

Men's 60th 'Mountaineer' Hoodie

Men's Hoodie with 60th 'Mountaineer' front & logo back

Each garment type comes in a range of colours and sizes but the print will always be black and grey so bear this in mind before ordering, say, a black T Shirt!!

Apparently the sizing is good and old fashioned i.e. small really is small (woman's size 6-8). They do have a sizing chart for each garment near the bottom of the page which gives dimensions across the chest and from neck to hem so you can measure your fav' T and compare if you want. Presumably what turns up is as described we, haven't measured.

Given the potential for disappointment please do click on the product and read the description / view front and back before adding to basket to ensure you get the one you want.

You can order as few or as many items as you wish however postage gets significantly cheaper for multi purchases so it’s worth getting a few of you together or buying more than one item at a time.

Visit merchandise store nowHappy (s)hopping

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