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Indoor to Outdoor Training Course: Swanage
17 Sep 2022 to 18 Sep 2022

Please note this is a BMC organised "Ready to Rock" and they have said there would be a possible 6 places available for a Rockhopper 2 day course.
Time: 8:30am to 4pm on both days
Location Swanage, Dancing Ledge, meet at the Spyway Carpark
Cost is based on the ratio of 6:1, so the cost is £60 per person per day: the Club has agreed to subsidise this from our training budget by 50%, so you will only be charged £60 for the two day course.
You will be resposnible for your own accommodation: there are places such as Camping at Tom's Field. You can book for the course here and then use the club's lift sharing feature to co-ordinate.

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Instructors fees £60.00


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