Celebrate 70 years of Rockhopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Click the green "book online" button as usual for booking onto a trip. Choose one of the options: camping, staying at PYB, or dinner only. Then, and this is important, you must pay or it makes tracking attendance difficult. See the next FAQ!

Camping: you pay £64 to cover the Sunday meal and ceilidh (see below) and camping for three nights. If you want to have other meals at Plas Y Brenin then click on the PYB package booking button and choose "Catering" option. Meals included as per the "staying at PYB" option below.

Staying at PYB: you pay £40 to cover the Sunday meal and ceilidh (see below). Then click on the PYB package booking button and choose one of the room (single or shared) options. Full board in a single room is £281 per person and full board in a shared room is £221 per person. Full board includes the bed / room plus:

Undecided / staying elsewhere: you pay £40 to cover the Sunday meal and ceilidh (see below).If you want to have other meals at Plas Y Brenin then click on the PYB package booking button and choose "Catering" option.

What if I can't click on the "book online button"

You need to be logged in to book on a trip. To be logged in you need to be a member of the club. If you're not a member then please join first via the membership page. Membership is £35, or £18 for unwaged.

I've booked but haven't paid the £40 or £64, or I think I've paid but I'm shown as not paid

Please do pay at the time of booking. If for some reason it doesn't work then please make sure you are logged into your account and visit https://www.rockhoppers.org.uk/basket and checkout. If there is nothing in your basket then try clicking on the "membership" menu at the top of the website then "orders" and you should be able to pay there. If not, log out and in again and try again. If this doesn't work please email rmc70thanniversary@gmail.com with your name and which option you are paying the club for (camping, PYB, other).

How do I make payment?

Bank details for direct payment are:
Sc 20 10 53
Ac 50794627
Name: Rockhopper Mountaineering Club

Paypal: @RHMC1954

What are the planned events?

The main events are the meal and ceilidh on the Sunday night. There will also be some activities planned through the weekend including a group race around Snowdonia to collect puzzle pieces to test your navigation skills, various planned walks and cycles, a quiz and a chance to see the photo competition winners.

Will we be able to do any training / skills courses?

We will be based at the National Mountain Centre so there may be some opportunities to hire a guide for a day or try out a new sport. We may also offer some in-house skills sessions. These activities are still in development but we hope we can offer something here.

Can I bring guests?

As a special concession, yes, but they will need to be BMC members. Add your guest to your booking on the meet webpage - including their email address and emergency contact details. You will then need to choose and pay for their booking. Then please then email us your guest's full name and BMC number and give us permission to check this with the BMC. As the club is affiliated with the BMC we can't offer this for MCS or other organisations.

Can I bring children?

Yes! Please email us and let us know: childrens' names and ages and whether they will be attending the Saturday and / or Sunday events at PYB.

Please note: to protect parents and guardians as well as club members from potentially huge financial liability, children must not participate in any activities where there is the risk of serious injury to others (or property). Children remain the responsibility of their parent(s) / guardian(s) at all times. This is a special concession for this trip.

Can I bring dogs?

Yes - but not to the campsite. Some rooms at PYB are dog-friendly. Please contact PYB directly to get a dog-friendly room allocated. Dogs are allowed in the bar at PYB but not in the dining room so they won't be able to take part in the formal dinner or ceilidh.

Is it possible to get a meal at PYB on the Saturday

If you've booked a catering package then that is included. If not then PYB will be really busy but there is a chance you may be able to get a meal at the bar. We will know better once we know numbers of people who have opted for catering.

Why do I have to make two payments?

The £40 option covers the dinner and Ceilidh on the Sunday night plus other costs. The camping option at £64 includes an extra £24 for three nights' camping. Plas Y Brenin have their own system for organizing packages which we are using as it makes things a lot easier.

If I'm camping, do I need to buy the PYB camping meals package?

No - you can sign up just for camping.

I am already an individual BMC member or club member with another club. Can I reclaim any money?

Yes if you already a BMC member you can reclaim the duplicate BMC membership fee from here: https://www.thebmc.co.uk/claiming-multiple-membership-refunds. Note that any queries on this should be directed to the BMC.

Is there a discount for children staying at Plas Y Brenin?

We are waiting for PYB to confirm this either way.

Can I stay somewhere else?

Yes! Although it is nice to have everyone in one place (or two) you can make your own arrangements. Simply choose that option when booking onto the trip.

Where are we camping?

At Garth Farm campsite - about 2km away from Plas Y Brenin.

What are the meal options on the Sunday night? / I have a dietary requirement

We will send around an email to those signed up on the trip asking for their meal options and any dietary requirements. PYB is in charge of catering and will be dealing with all catering issue. The meal options for Sunday night are: