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Ireland - Macgillycuddy’s Reeks/Dingle Peninsular
23 Aug 2018 to 28 Aug 2018

We are going to MaGillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland’s premier range of mountains, home to its four highest summits, and a further seven tops in excess of 3000 feet (914 metres). It's a compact range, so it is possible to traverse the main ridge in one long day (probably fairly similar to the traverse of the Mamores in Scotland), but it is probably best divided down into more manageable sections. The western end of the range has the highest mountains, which can be linked by an impressive horseshoe walk which involves a little easy scrambling. The eastern end is defined by the impressive Gap of Dunloe, and the lower mountains to the east of this feature have excellent views over Killarney National Park with its fine lakes and rivers.

An alternative walking venue is the Dingle Peninsula, which has slightly lower, grassier, and more rounded range of mountains along its spine, but is still home to Ireland’s only 3000 foot mountain outside the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. Access to these mountains is quicker and less effort, thanks to a couple of high road passes which save a lot of slogging uphill! In addition there are beautiful coastal walks and fine beaches in this area. Its about an hour’s drive from Killarney.

Please book as soon as possible. This is very much in your interest, as the cost of flights and hire cars will only increase. I also won’t be booking a campsite until I have an idea of how many people are attending the trip - so the sooner you book the better the campsite is likely to be.

Book through the website. In order to group members together in hire cars from the airport we will need to know your preferred arrival airport, and the date and time of your flight. Please use the Leaving Place/Time fields for this, and add a comment if you are prepared to be flexible. You will also need to use the comments for your preferred return date and flight time. If you are prepared to hire a car please say so - once we have four people who intend travelling to/from the same airport then they can organise themselves into a car and book their flights. The sooner you book, the easier this process will be.

If you are travelling independently either before or after the trip (so you don’t need a car to or from the airport) then again please say so. Communication is good - it helps to avoid confusion!! Please don’t assume other people attending the trip can mind read.

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