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Rockhoppers 70th Anniversary, Snowdonia: Garth Farm and Plas y Brenin
24 May 2024 to 27 May 2024

Join us to celebrate the founding of the Rockhoppers 70 years ago in our spiritual home - Snowdonia.

Meet full - please see the email of 9th March for details of how to get on the waiting list

This is a once in a decade opportunity to bring together members of the Rockhopper community to recognise the formation of the club all those years ago.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to explore and do all the usual activities as well as a race around Snowdonia to collect pieces of a puzzle and pre-planned route options for walking, climbing and cycling. The evening entertainment comes in the form of a quiz on Saturday and the main event of dinner and a ceilidh on Sunday. So get your dancing shoes ready!

Booking options
Please read before booking:

There are two steps (three if you're not already a member)
0) Join the club here
1) Book onto and pay the club for this trip
2) Book and pay for any Plas Y Brenin rooms or food.

You need to book onto this trip (using the green "Book online" button to the right) and choose one of the three payment options. Fill out travel details (see FAQ) and write in the comments section "Camping", "PYB" or "Other" (along with any other comments on travel.

Then click on the PYB booking link button below if you want catering or a room. You pay PYB separately for these options.

Please refer to the booking email sent on 12th January and the FAQ page for more details.

Select the "70th dinner (including camping)" payment option when booking onto the trip.
Optional: enjoy meals at PYB by choosing the "catering only" option on the PYB booking link below.

Staying at Plas y Brenin
Select the "70th dinner (staying at PYB)" payment option when booking onto the trip then choose one of the room options (single or shared) on the PYB booking link below.

Undecided / other accommodation
Select the "70th dinner only" payment option when booking onto the trip.

PYB accommodation / catering packages
Once you've booked on the meet (using the green "Book online" button as normal), please click the button below to go to the PYB packages page and click on "Buy Tickets" and choose your option.

Booking button temporarily removed as the meet is full

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Payment Required!

One of the following payments is required for this meet at the time of booking.

70th Dinner only £40.00
70th dinner (staying at PYB and paying them separately) £40.00
70th dinner (including camping) £64.00
70th - child £25.00


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