See below for details of upcoming socials.

We usually have one social each month. These are often in the pub but in the summer we sometimes do something outdoors instead.

Japan: A Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery (and mountains)
Wed 29 May 2024

Join us as we listen to Zarif's tales of adventure and self-discovery as he recounts his summiting of Mt Fuji as well as other hikes around Japan including Kumano Kodo, Koyasan Choishi Michi, Dewa Sanzan + Jigoku Nozoki. The plan is to marvel at his beautiful photography, laugh at his jokes and take inspiration from the important lessons he learned along the way. Meet at the Old King's Head at 7pm, talk starts at 7.30pm. Socialising from 8.

See you there!


Zarif Shafiei

Venue Details

The Old King's Head, King's Head Yard, London SE1 1NA

Orienteering + Picnic in the Heath
Sat 22 Jun 2024

Improve your nav without leaving London! Rockhoppers will be heading to Hampstead Heath for a round of the permanent orienteering course, which the First Lady says was more helpful for her nav skills than going to the mountains.

This outing will feel like a hike in the South Downs with hills, mud, undergrowth and a little bit of getting lost. Dress appropriately, wear sunscreen and bring sandwiches for the picnic. (The organisers can watch your bags while you're out walking, but will not accept liability if anything goes missing -- it's still London, after all.)

The walking will take between 2.5 to 4 hours and be about 8-9km in length, with those more skilled at nav walking less far and having lunch earlier. There is an option to shorten your course and get a comparable score to the full course (albeit with a penalty).

Group sizes will be between two and four.

The orienteering will begin at 10am from the Tumulus. Maps will be provided (waterproof if we can get them), but can also be found on the London Orienteering Klubb website.

Guests and prospective members welcome.


The Pres

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Hampstead Heath

Rockhoppers PUB QUIZ
Wed 31 Jul 2024

Details to follow (it's gonna blow you away, I promise)


The best quiz host of all time

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Wed 28 Aug 2024




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Knees Up! Ceilidh at Cecil Sharp House
Fri 20 Sep 2024

It's September! So we are heading back to Cecil Sharp House for another amazing Ceilidh (did I spell that ok) in Camden Town from 8-11pm.

Tickets are £15 and you can purchase here

I went last year with a terrible hip injury and still had the best time ever so no excuses!

Meet at The Albert nearby around 5.30pm for some pre-dancing drinks and a catch up :)

Venue Details

Cecil Sharp House